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Building Your Profile

Building your matchmaking profile is as simple as uploading your resume and answering a few questions. Once complete, your profile acts as a beacon that attracts the job matches you care about ... accurately and privately.

Take your time

WhoPlusYou was designed to capture and present your value in a highly accurate way. We care about spending your time wisely. Building your profile is a simple point and select process. That said, as you create your profile you will begin to understand the power associated with how your information is collected and organized. We work very hard to know you better, so we can serve you better.

Your personal privacy is paramount.

Unlike in other environments, none of your personal information is EVER disclosed unless you decide to do so. Jobs and opportunities chase you based on your skills and interests matching criteria. If you are not interested in an opportunity then your identity will not be shared. Only when you decide that you want to apply to an opportunity and the employer decides to "connect" with you based on your profile matching data is your identity revealed - and it is only released in a private and secure communication environment between you and the employer.

Understand Your Market Potential

Once you have built your profile, the jobs and opportunities that you care about and are qualified for will start to chase you. That means that even if you are not looking for a new challenge, you always have a better understanding for your personal market potential.

Gain an understanding for what jobs, opportunities, employers and professional communities match your profile without revealing your identity unless you choose to do so.

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Build Your Network

Networking is tough! Networking events often yield few, if any, valuable employment or opportunity connections. Job fairs rarely result in success. Yet they all demand a lot of your valuable time.

Just by building a profile you will have generated a highly effective and efficient way to develop networks of the right employment and opportunity relationships for you. Your valuable connections stay persistent for as long as you want them to - so as you update your profile, your connections remain current with the new value you can offer.

We hate spam! We'll do our best to deliver your top matches based on your interests and qualifications. Hopefully we'll introduce you to new ideas about where you can offer value to the marketplace.